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Mr. Young ( sends us:

A friend and I wanted to go to Area 51, or at least see how close we could get to it. The following are two pictures that were taken on Friday May 31, 2002 on a recent trip out on the road to Groom Lake. MVC-003S.JPG is a picture of military security watching us as we were driving on the dirt road trying to see how close we could get. MVC-017S.JPG is a picture of a helicopter that flew over the mountains between us and Area 51. Both pictures were taken as we were driving in towards Area 51.

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As expected, we couldn't get all the way into Area 51. We came up to the expected signs that said the military could use deadly force and that photograpy of the area was prohibited. Still, it was clear that they didn't want someone to get in as they were watching our moves.