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Alan Lilly ( sends us:

I have some great 360 degree panorama digital photos of Coral Castle for you. I am a SAG actor and a former Space Systems Engineer for Martin Marietta Denver aerospace division. I live in Orlando and drive to Miami frequently for film auditions. After I am done I often go to Coral Castle just to relax and gain any insights I can into Ed's creation. Coral Castle is quite a mystery.

I have a degree in Physics and I have spent countless hours at Coral Castle exploring the mystery. I've conducted several explorations during my visits from studying magnetic field characteristics of the property to analyzing strings of numbers Ed had etched into a few of the coral blocks. Ed built most all of his equipment from automotive parts he would acquire from junk yards. The coral blocks pretty much all have equally spaced impressions of the flat side of an automotive coil spring in them. There are many subtle secrets as to how Ed built his castle.

I have taken many photos of Coral Castle. I have several 360-degree photos taken with a Nikon 990 digital camera. I've only sent you three. If you want more I will be glad to give them to you. I've scaled them down from the originals because they were quite large.

View Panorama of Coral Castle

View Panorama of Coral Castle at Night

View Panorama of Living Quarters

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