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GMG, California ( sends us:

I own the original of this photo and it was probably taken in India at a Tibetan settlement monastery where the Tibetans have resettled due to the Chinese occupation of their country. This picture comes from a reliable source, and in my opinion is very strange.

This is a photo of a Buddhist teacher / master on a throne with a richly decorated silk brocade behind him. The brocade shows right through him. What is weird is the way the hair is less translucent than the face, and the clothing seems to make at least a partial block for the dragons behind the teacher / Buddhist master so the effect is impacted by non-living material things and that is really weird. I think reality is something we really don't understand.

The other interesting thing that one might not notice is the three strange lights on the right side of the picture kind of floating up from the seat of the throne. If it were a double exposure, there should be something else blurry or at least the presence of blurs caused by movement, etc. This photo is at least several years old and predates any discussion of "invisibility," and was a random photo in a collection I was given so it was not created intentionally for any purpose.

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Craig and Laura Cook ( also sends us:

I saw a photo on you website of a fellow named Mike D., whose head appears transparent in the shot. Attached is a photo I ran across with a similar anomaly. I have blocked out the faces of the people in this picture, otherwise, it is unretouched. This picture was taken at a retirement luncheon for the gentleman in the blue shirt. The head of the woman on the right appears transparent. The wall can be seen through her. I'm not sure if I believe in the "invisibility" theory as Mike D. alludes to, but I guess anything is possible! I just thought you might be interested in seeing it.

Mike D. ( sends us:

A couple weeks back I heard one of your shows when you discussed invisibility and I thought of this picture I have... I'm sending you a picture that was taken last year. I study and teach sacred West African Drums and percussion. This photo was taken during an impromptu drum class I was teaching at a friend's house. I have erased her face to protect her identity. The man walking across the room is me. If you look closely you will be able to see through my body in numerous places and there are strange looking "lights" floating around me. You can see the window panes behind me through my head and a lamp on the floor behind me in the corner... I had been playing for a little while and I was feeling "out there" as I always do when I play those sacred rhythms.

The other interesting aspect of this picture is that I also practice a very esoteric Taoist discipline and I was explaining it to my friends earlier that evening. The masters of this art are supposed to be able to do many unbelievable things, one of which is invisibility... I swear to you that this picture is exactly the way that it was given to me by my friend and I have not altered the picture in any way except for erasing my friend's face. I have no recollection of ever becoming invisible nor do I believe that I appeared that way to the naked eye. At first I thought it was a double exposure, but the closer I looked at it, I saw that I was the only thing in the picture that was "see-through" A second picture that was taken, shows me sitting next to my friends and they appear completely solid but once again you can see through my head and out the window behind me... Very strange. It has never happened before or since in any other photos of me... I thought you might like it... Please feel free to post it on your website...