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Garett ( writes:

About a year ago our company was invited to a technology show in Las Vegas. On the way to Vegas of course we had to spend a couple nights in hotels. The second night in St. George at the super 8 hotel, we were all sleeping and we heard this loud crack/bang. Two of us woke up immetiately and witnessed our co-worker standing up on his bed with his chin on his chest looking zombie-like. We asked him what the hell was going on and then he woke up. He had no idea what he was doing standing up and he couldn't explain the big noise that we said we heard.

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The next night we were at the Maxim hotel in Vegas watching tv and getting ready to hit the strip and all of a sudden he started to float. The two of us did a double take and got pretty freaked out. All the commotion made him fall back on the bed and he said that he felt like a horse just kicked him in the head. We were a little bit nervous being in the same room as this guy, so me and my other co-worker went across the street to bally's to grab a slice of pizza and spend a few bucks. The floater stayed back to recover from his headache.

When we came back about an hour later he was in the middle of doing his floating thing again. Instead of making a big commotion we tried to keep ourselves calm while we took a few pictures of it. I didnt think they would work because of the bad lighting at the maxim. Only one of them turned out OK and this is the one that I am sending you.