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Secrets of the Big Dogs

"catman" ( writes:

My daughter has never listened to your show (has to get sleep for school). She doesn't know anything about precognition. She has this dream 3 times. I'm not sure what it means, although I thought you might be interested!!!!!!!!!!

Has Planet X been spotted? Is Nibiru inhabited and inbound?

My Dream

In Harrisburg PA, My family and me were just sitting in our house. I saw this huge wave coming towards our house, no one realized the huge title wave, until it hit, we all survived. Everything was crushed, ruined, the only thing we could see was water and our neighbors struggling to stay above water. We could see pieces of our once called home floating by us. The water was washing all our memories away. We watched or friends slowly drown and being sucked to the bottom. I thought the worst was over, but really the worst was just beginning.

Soon another gigantic wave was coming towards us, then out of nowhere we saw a huge brick wall, all of us started swimming for it. Reaching the big wall, we all hung on for dear life. The wave smacked the wall crushing some of us. Then millions of people started to show up out of nowhere. It seemed like the whole world was here, or who survived.

A huge whirlpool started to appear, dragging hundreds of people in to the dark water. My family and me were still hanging on to wall. Billions of sharks started coming towards them and killing them one by one slowly and painfully, eating them when they were still alive. Huge terrifying creatures emerged from water some had a wingspan of a sky scrapper, some had horns as sharp as razorblades, some also had teeth as big as houses. These monsters were bigger than a blue whale.

The earth started to rumble and shake. It was starting to crack; the water was seeping throe the crevices, many humans and sharks fell through in them. The wall that we were hanging on crumbled into tiny little pieces taking us down with it. But the weird part about it is that the wall fell on top of us and we were still alive and had no pain. Soon all the water was gone. And there was nothing but dry cracked land all around us only about 1 million humans were still alive.

Everyone started to walk around the red-hot sun beating down us people were dyeing of thirst. The heat was getting worse and worse every minute. Soon steam was coming out of the ground, hills started to form, no one knew what was going on. Then some people were one of the very top of the hills and just like that boom! This huge geyser of lava came squirting out of the hill. The same thing started happening all over the place. Little pigmy devil creatures climbed out of the lava they were the most dangerous look thing I ever saw they were red, green and black they had sharp pointy horns, muscular bodies, little razorblade teeth that tare your flesh in just one bite. We were running trying to not get killed by the deadly creatures the lava was the least of our worries at that point. They were killing everyone they came in contact with. They tore them apart slowly that the person that was getting killed could watch them eat and shred your body in little pieces and still be alive.

Then everything just stopped for no reason. The volcanoes were no longer erupting and no one was screaming the creatures stopped killing everyone. Everything was still and quite. All of started looking in this direction. I don't know why I just felt like I had to look in that direction. We saw this huge dark cloud. It was coming near us; it suddenly started to rain when it reached us. The burning lava that was around us hardened. The little creatures shriveled up and died.

It started to hail; a funnel cloud was forming soon enough the biggest tornado in world history appeared. Sucking anyone and anything that was near it. Huge bright streams of lightning hit the ground every minute. My family and I got separated form each other. I was running around looking for them I couldn't find them they were gone. I couldn't bear to think of what happened to them. Soon enough everyone got sucked up into the tornado. When I got sucked up in to the cyclone all I could think about was my family and friends. When I got to the eye of tornado I could see a big black tunnel with brass horns. There were so many different kinds there were ones that were strait, ones that were curved, and one that were swirled, but they had no keys on them. They weren't like a trumpet or anything like that. And they were playing the most beautiful sound I have ever heard in my entire life.

Then I suddenly came into a red tunnel and I could see bad memories that had happened in my life crumble or burn in to one big pile and being swept away into darkness. Then I came into a bright light tunnel and I could see peoples' sprits floating around me that I had no idea who they were, but I saw my grandma that just passed away about a year ago. And at that point I felt so clean, pure and peaceful. Then I woke up.