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Ode to Art Bell

Art Bell guest reveals classified alien contact project. Amazing story.

Thomas Haney ( writes:

You are the priest of night people listening to the stories of men, hearing nocturnal tales both horrible and delightful.

You are a spinner of tales and a weaver of talk, collecting fragments of night air, finding light hidden in darkness, making a tapestry of moon and star light.

You cover yourself in the magical robe, a vestment at night's altar, combining dark and light elements in an alchemy of transformation, to minister to men, to offer to gods.

Your chalice and paten are microphone and microwave, your church a gathering at midnight while others sleep, you fill airwaves with your wand and by thought fly across continents.

You are the old story teller reborn in a new age, a modern myth-maker, a shaman of the night.

You are the expolorer, Columbus discovering new continents in the ocean of space and time only to find new horizons.

You are seeker, scientist, magician, muse, dreamer.

With ghostly tales of death and birth, you fill the void of slient night with voice, music, and life force.

You are the destroyer of illusions, the maker of visions, star and time traveler, ghost buster, interlocutor of Earth and other worlds, this and other dimensions.

For Whom the Bell Tolls? It tolls for me and thee. It reverberates across latitudes and longitudes, of this and other earths; it penetrates land, ocean, and interstellar space. It vibrates in unison with the world's night people. It orders and subdues the slience of night.