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Amy ( sends us:

My name is Amy and I have an 11 year old son. He tells me that he sees things at night and sometimes during the day. He has many problems that just seem to be getting worse. He is seeing a psychiatrist and is on 5 different medications that do not seem to be working. The Dr. thinks he has schizophrenia. I am beginning to think that he is not hallucinating but really seeing things that are really there.

I took this picture of him about 2 weeks ago. I see a skeleton laying on top of him with a hand reaching out to his face. ( Look at the picture sideways.) This is the 4th picture in a series of 4. You can go to my web site and see all 4 pictures.

I am very worried about him and I am disturbed with what I captured on film. I also showed my son your Shadow People pictures and he picked out about 4 pictures that he says he has seen. Any information and or help would be greatly appreciated. I will be listening to your show tonight.

Thank You,