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From: Name Withheld
Subject: Shadow Person Cause?
Date: Tue, 29 May 2001 06:16:55 -0500


I would like to start off by respectfully requesting that my name, location and company be withheld should you choose to air any of my theory as to the cause of the increased sightings of shadow people. I am an environmental technician at the aerospace company listed on this e-mail. I am a technical minded person and my job requires me to report accurately and technically.

When I first heard about shadow people, I said "Ok...mass hysteria or simple minds at work." I understand some people have seen shadow people for many years, but I have a theory of why sightings may be increasing. I had never saw one (or ANYTHING else paranormal until this weekend. Two reasons I feel may have caused this and possibly be the cause of more prevalent sightings of this phenomenon.

This weekend at work we were testing a laser scanning display we manufacture for military aircraft. For many hours I was looking at this display which rapidly flashes patterns generated by the laser assembly which simulates generating 3-D images of ground targets. The system is mounted in an aircraft and it "scans" objects with a laser . The computer then takes the "length" of each beam pulse and returns to generate an image similar to how a sonar works.

Anyway, I also happened to purchase a DVD player this weekend. I was quite impressed with the quality and sharpness of the picture but noticed that my eyes "felt" different while I was watching a rather long movie about D-Day. Nothing uncomfortable or bothersome, just different. When I returned to work and began working with the laser again I noticed this feeling increasing, it "felt" as if my vision was speeding up like I was looking at things in slightly fast forward.

At first I thought it was from fatigue, but I noticed the edges of my vision becoming "pixilated", not blurry but the image was an collage of small flashing blocks, like looking through really small block glass, only being able to focus clearly on a central cone directly in front of me. I knew the laser had something to do with it, so I took a break, rubbed my eyes and went to get some coffee.

As I was pouring my cup, that's when I saw vision was still in the "pixilated" sate but I noticed a quick, dark blur out of the corner of my left eye...when I turned ...well let's just say I was glad to have used the restroom earlier. There in the corner of the office was what looked like a small child, wearing a dark robe of smoke huddled in the corner. I could not make out the face or any details, but could tell that as I stood there staring at it, it was turning it's "head" to look at me. When it's "head" was in alignment so it was "looking" at me it stood to about 4 feet tall, quickly sprinted along the wall and just vanished...not into anything but like it began moving fast enough, like going into warp speed so I couldn't see it anymore. It just stopped existing in front of me as it sped along the wall.

Art, I know what I saw, I just stood there frozen with fear because I had no idea what the hell I was seeing. We remained looking at each other for at least 20 seconds before it sped off. I was wondering how many people who report seeing shadow people own and frequently use equipment that produces rapidly moving digital images (DVD's, PC's digital camcorders and cameras) that are displayed at different (possibly higher or lower) frame rates than our eyes are normally used to seeing? I'm sure looking at the laser display for hours would only have accelerated these effects.

I'm telling you Art, I don't believe in Ghosts or spirits, I was an Army Ranger before entering my current field and have seen plenty of things out in the woods at night that get your heart pounding and freeze you for a second. Those things go away when you look right at them and we were trained to look at things with the "edge" of your vision, using the cones in your eyes to prevent night illusions and mirages. This damn thing just became more visible and pronounced when I looked directly at it and I have NO idea what it was. Thanks for your time.