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This email was received by Art Bell on Feb 18th, 2001. Other than minor punctuation corrections, the letter is reproduced here with little modifications. We left out an indentifying introductory paragraph and closing remarks. The actual story is intact and in whole.

Hi Art:

I have started many times to write and tell you some of the wonders of life people I work with have shared with me over the years, but before I did you had left the air. I will not let it pass again. The following is a brief outline of lunch in dreamland.

After simple greetings at the table we started to eat. During lunch a dog came into the room and sat down by my chair. This dog and myself have become good buddies over the past (blank) years of work here at the base. I will call the dog Jimmy. The doctor to my right had just finished cutting his meat, off of a steak bone when Jimmy came to the table and the doctor greeted Jimmy and gave him the bone, Jimmy went to his spot on the floor by my chair started to eat. The Doctor ask me if I new Jimmy long, I replied, "Yes, and the story too." He said "Oh, you know about Jimmy?" I said "Yes," I told him the story that I had heard.

Jimmy was a clone of a dog that had been at this base during WWII and was buried here. He said, "Yes, isn't just amazing?" Two lives in one. Let me give you some background on Jimmy sir, Jimmy this month on Valentines Day will be four years old, plus 50 years of time passed to the dog from which Jimmy was cloned. (Also named Jimmy.) The dog was the base commanders during WWII. It was loved by many people and had free run of the base. It knew it's way around (so some would say).

When the dog died the dog was buried here on the Base. It was a small secluded area which is reserved for people and animals that die here. Due to health, war, military reasons are buried here.

Some of the amazing things about Jimmy which we talked about were things such as: Jimmy would not go into the building where he had died 50 years ago. He has visited the grave of his so to speak "father". Knows where to find water on a huge military reserve. Has the intelligence of a 6th or 7th grader in school. Shows emotions and feelings. Has only displayed aggression one time (in defense of military personnel). Back to the story.

The doctor and I were talking about the memory that Jimmy displays. I made the comment, "does he have both memories?" The doctor said "yes being a clone he would". I asked what happens when Jimmys die? Do we clone Jimmy from Jimmy or from Jimmy's "father". He said "If we cloned Jimmy from Jimmy we would have a second generation clone with the memory of two lifetimes. That is, people he has met, buildings he has been in, experiments he has taken part in, and a whole lot of knowledge of a very secret place.

He said "Jimmy would be capable of communicating in simple terms or simple sentences as a second generation clone. Using letters or numbers to from sentences such as encoding or encryption. I asked "Would there be a limit on how many Jimmys we could have or how many generations of Jimmys there could be?" He said "I really don't know how far we can take this."

Let me give you an example of what we are working on. Remember we all learned in the 60's that we were carbon based units. As we have unwound the ribbon of life we see that everything is carbon based life. This is showing Fiction into Fact. He said "let me give you an example."

He took and poured out a teaspoon of salt onto the table top. He placed the salt shaker approximately 2 foot away. He said this is building "A" where we have placed carbon based material (the building blocks of life) pointing to the pile of salt. This salt shaker is my transporter receiver dome located on Mars. Some day we would like to send the material from this pile of carbon to this transporter. In doing so we would encode the genetic message to create Jimmy. At the speed of light Jimmy would travel from the lab building A, to this transporter. When assembled we would have a complete Jimmy as you see him laying on the floor eating a bone.

My reply was "wow, things I read about as a kid". How long before we will be able to do that?? His reply was the shocking part, "I can move something today from building "A" to building "B". (These buildings are about two thousand feet apart.) The problem is I cannot move a live object.

Whatever is transported would be an inanimate object of the same mass and shape of what was transported but it will not have life. We are trying to determine the frequency variables of transporting a small animal and keeping its inner soul or life as we call it intact. I said "Wow". He said, "For a guy with three college degrees is that the only word in your vocabulary today?"

Told him that you are talking about things which Buck Rogers did on TV when I was a young boy. Star Trek taught me about as a teenager and professors told me might happen in my lifetime. He said "lunch is over, time to go to work Jimmy" and they walked out the door.

Art there is a lot for you to think about in the above information. The science, the mathematics, the power needed, and the people willing 12 hours a day 5 to 7 days a week to make these things happen. I can tell you Art, we have no grays here, I work with yellow, black, brown, white and red side by side all of us here try to make the world we live in a better place. I hope in the future when you see me fly overhead you will look up and wave. I have been watching you for five years. As I fly from Dreamland to the China Lake, funny how you happened to pick the location of your house. I have listened to you for a good eight years. I thought it was time to give you a look at the inside information here at the Base.


(Name withheld)