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The WTC UFO Series

From the Drudge Report:


A flying mystery object was captured on video just moment after a second aircraft crashed into New York's World Trade Center, it can be revealed.

Stills from a video taken by GAMMA PRESS USA -- showing the twin towers from an east angle -- clearly show an unknown object moving at a 90 degree angle to the second plane's flight path.

Was a military jet following the second plane? Is the object a radar-guided missile that was fired at the airliner -- but arrived seconds late? Is the object a post-event distortion by a GAMMA PRESS editor? Could the image be a giant piece of debris racing toward the horizon?

The mystery surrounding the video intensified in and out of official government over the weekend.

A close examination of the footage appears to first show the object flashed by sunlight -- above the left tower -- a full 10 seconds after impact of the second airliner. The mystery object quickly streeks across the the back of the right tower before swooping down at a rapid clip and out of the camera's frame.

The video featuring the mystery object has so far failed to catch the attention of the nation's main press.

It should be noted that no reports from countless bystanders or other video footage has backed up the GAMMA video, which was running at FOXNEWS.COM as of Sunday evening [,2933,34238,00.html Scroll to: Video, the attack: East angle 2nd plane hits tower.]







Ken writes: Could the mystery object in the Gamma Press video be a rod? The object is definitely long and cylindrical in shape and seems to have some type of protrusions extending along its length. The 5th image down in the Drudge report shows these protrusions rather clearly even at the low resolution. I have cropped this image and taken it into Photoshop and sampled up the image to a much higher resolution. If the object is at the same approximate distance as the plane, it is very large and traveling at an incredible rate of speed--much faster than the plane which was probably doing 300-400 mph. Chances are it is a smaller object closer to the camera.


Robert Gonzalez ( writes: I did a photographic analysis of the object sighted in the video from Fox News that Drudge did an article on. This object is very interesting and with close analysis of the video and the still frames from the Drudge Report site, I realized not only did it cast a shadow, but it went through the smoke and appears to have rudders like a jet. It came to mind almost immediately that it was an Aurora aircraft, due to it's fast nature and sleek black appearance. I took an illustration and turned it to roughly the same angle to show the shocking simularities between the two. This aircraft took a very step and very fast angle, if the jet liner was going roughly 400 mph then this must have been traveling possibly double that (if not more), even when you looked for it in the slow motion video you had to keep your eyes on it or would risk missing. Possible reasons for why an Aurora would be there are many, but the one I believe to be most likely is a deployment to spy on the aircraft at a high altitude and see what it's actions were (No doubt the FAA alerted the military after the first hit). Keep in mind no one was sure if it was an accident or a hijacking at the time. Also in my opinion this aircraft would have to be either slightly smaller than the commercial jet or as large. I advise people to look at the video and decide for yourself.


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