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[IMAGE] [IMAGE] Bill Laut writes: Here's some more ghost pictures, this time illustrating a phenomena called "ghost lights." (2/23/00)


[IMAGE] Gwen writes: As you looked at my photo you may have asked yourself: "Just what is that light around her?" I will make the answer simple. It is an angel. Not just any angel, it is the Archangel Michael. Full Story in Word DOC file. (2/23/00)


[IMAGE] Ron Pastore writes: Here are a couple of ghost photos I took in a cave in Kansas. There are a couple others from the Sangre de Christo mountains and one from the Ice Cave in New Mexico. (2/23/00)


[IMAGE] Norman writes: I took this picture when I was about 10 or 11 years old. At the time I took the picture I did not see the apparition however after developing the film I noticed what appears to be a man standing on the snow bank with the dog looking at him. I know only one person in my life that uses a cane for walking and she is still alive. In fact at the time this picture was taken I had not even met her yet. (2/23/00)


[IMAGE] On Free Republic, Cindy wrote: The two Democratic presidential candidates, Al Gore and Bill Bradley, debated yesterday at the Apollo Theater in New York. It aired on CNN, and Bernie Shaw was the moderator. Here is a photo from the debate. If you look between the candidates, on the back screen, you can see an image of a goat's head, or a demon. This image is not just visible on this still photo... it was visible on the live video of the debate! (2/23/00)


[IMAGE] Mike ( writes: This picture was taken on my prom night, the "face" located in my chest/stomach area wasn't noticed right away. When we finally did notice the face it created quite a stir. My dad's house, where the picture was taken, is haunted or at least a very wierd place. Before this picture was taken both my dad and I had heard voices, and on several occasions my dad even got up to make sure he had shut the TV off. My dad's blow drier has turned on and off, and most recently, my dad woke up to find my old radio controlled car driving by itself! We used to have a dog that would suddenly, and for no visible reason stop whatever he was doing and walk slowly throughout the house, almost as if he was watching something. (NOTE: If you can't see the image, turn up the brightness on your monitor.) (2/8/00)


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