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Secrets of the Big Dogs

Art Bell Update:

Dear Friends,

I want to thank all of my listeners, affiliates and sponsors for showing such patience and support for me during my most recent struggle with chronic back pain, and I do mean struggle. This all began for me when I fell off a pole while employed in the cable TV industry. Ironically, that injury 15 years ago forced me to resume my career in radio. My doctors told me the pain from the damage would become more serious as the years went by. At this point spasms, which will not allow me to stand or sit, have forced me to double my anti-inflammatory medicine. I spend the bulk of my waking hours lying down, trying to keep weight off L4 & L5. With my life on hold at the moment, I am beginning to consider new surgical procedures if the current treatment fails to resolve my current condition.

I thank all of you for your patience as I research the options and the odds of success for various treatments. I am taking this time to strengthen my overall health, let my back mend as much as possible by not sitting for long periods of time, and determine a suitable course of action for long-term relief from pain. In the meantime, I am comforted to know the show is in the capable hands of George Noory. I will be returning to the airwaves right after Labor Day, but I do want to be careful not to exacerbate my condition and preclude effective treatment. Again, I appreciate your patience and support and I look forward to getting back behind the mic soon.