Autopilot Cash Machine

5/30/97 - Friday / Saturday

  • Guest: Second Hour, Yours Truly, Keith Rowland

5/29/97 - Thursday / Friday

  • McVeigh.... The McVeigh trial has been given to the jury. Art doesn't think it is going to be a very long deliberation.
  • Marines.... The Marines are using helicopters to evacuate 250 people from Freetown, Sierra Leone. Art thinks if anyone tries to interfere with our helicopters they will be sorry.
  • Spain.... Scientists in Spain have found the remains of what could be the oldest known European. The remains of a boy have been determined to be 780,000 years old. They feel it is a species of modern man and the Neanderthal combined. Art asks, "Wouldn't this be the missing link?"
  • Spelling Bee.... Art was delighted to see that the 13 year-old winner of the National Spelling Bee was so happy with the win.
  • Fax.... A fax was sent to Art during the Wayne Green program. Many people ask Art if he is a Christian. Art says that in general terms he is, he does believe Christ walked the earth. The fax from Mike in California tells Art that though he, Mike, is a Christian, he is a revengeful person. Art has to agree with Mike in that Art would be the same way if someone came after him or his family. Art says you can count him out as a Christian if he has to turn the other cheek when his family is threatened. He would like to hear your thoughts on that tonight.

5/28/97 - Wednesday / Thursday

  • Guest: Wayne Green (5 Hours)

5/27/97 - Tuesday / Wednesday

5/26/97 - Monday / Tuesday

  • NATO.... Clinton is still out there lobbying for the expansion of NATO. Art wonders if NATO expands to include virtually everyone, what does it actually become? What would they be defending us against?
  • Memorial.... Art's mom wrote asking him to support the dedication of the Women's War Memorial.
  • UFO.... Art has experienced his second sighting of a UFO. He brings his wife on the air to help describe the occurrence. They were both walking up the driveway to the house around 11:40 a.m. and noticed a double contrail being made by a jet. They then noticed there was a cylindrical object following the contrail. It was glowing bright silver. It was extremely high up and then suddenly stopped dead cold for a moment and then took off SSE til it was out of sight. Art would like to hear from anyone else you saw this.

5/23/97 - Friday / Saturday

  • Guests... Sean David Morton and Victor.

5/22/97 - Thursday / Friday

5/21/97 - Wednesday / Thursday

  • Guest... Francis Barwood, Phoenix City Council, Recent UFO Sightings over phoenix is discussed in the first two hours.
  • McVeigh.... The prosecution has rested it's case against Timothy McVeigh. Art says they put on a very good circumstantial case.
  • Clinton.... Clinton bashed the fashion industry for portraying models as being stylishly strung out. Art doesn't understand how someone can look stylishly strung out.
  • Lt. Flynn.... US lawmakers are pressuring the Air Force to give Lt. Flynn an honorable discharge instead of a court marshal. Art says last night he said that when he was in the armed forces there were strict rules about fraternizing with higher ranks. A caller last night reminds Art that his parents were not of the same rank and that there must have been fraternization going on between them to produce Art.
  • Fax.... A fax asks Art why the married man involved in this affair isn't getting any flak? Only the unmarried woman is getting in trouble.
  • Press.... Art continues to remind us of the irresponsibility of the media.

5/20/97 - Tuesday / Wednesday

  • Guest... Ann Martin, discusses the use of pets in pet food. 2 Hours.
  • Veto.... The President has vowed to veto the partial abortion bill. Art actually agrees with Clinton on this.
  • Lt. Flynn.... The Air Force is delaying the court marshal of 1st Lt. Kelly Flynn. The story keeps changing, but CNN is reporting that Lt. Flynn's ex-lover lied.
  • NTSB.... The NTSB is urging airlines to take steps to prevent explosions in fuel tanks.
  • Albert.... Marv Albert has been indicted for forcible sodomy and assault stemming from an alleged February 12th incident in a hotel in Virginia. The alleged victim says she has known Albert for ten years. Albert, of course, denies the charges.
  • New Mexico.... A fax sent to Art recounts a sighting over Albuquerque during sunset today. A diamond shaped bright light was seen, visible for a least a half an hour. Anybody else see this? Art says he received many faxes about this light.
  • AZ Republic.... Art reads an article from the Arizona Republic concerning UFO sightings and the fact that Phoenix doesn't have an Air Force so these reports won't be followed up. A guest tomorrow night will elaborate on the situation in Phoenix.

5/19/97 - Monday / Tuesday

  • Guest... Stan Deyo (4 1/2 hours)

5/16/97 - Friday / Saturday

  • MIR.... The shuttle has successfully met up with MIR. Art still isn't sure whether MIR is safe enough for NASA to have sent an American there.
  • Fax.... Art received a fax informing him that Mr. Rosenthal is very angry and has trashed all faxes received.
  • Clinton.... Clinton issued the nation's apology to the eight remaining people involved in the Tuskegee experiment. You may recall the experiment involved 400 black men with syphilis left untreated to see the effects. Turns out the answer is the same thing that happens to a white men. This makes Art wonders what we as a nation will be apologizing for 50 years from now. What do you think? What dastardly stuff do you think we are doing now?
  • O.J... O.J. wore ragged pants at court and said he has no money and has to move out of the mansion. Art thought it was a nice touch that O.J. wore torn old pants when speaking to the press.
  • Bases.... William Cohen is urging Congress to close more military bases. Art says, "Haven't we closed enough already?"
  • Miss USA.... The new Miss Universe is a real beauty. She is from Hawaii.
  • AP Story.... The commander of NATO and US forces in Europe is checking a report that recent malfunctions have switched Russian nuclear missiles to combat mode on several occasions. Art is not real warm and fuzzy hearing about this kind of news.

5/15/97 - Thursday / Friday

  • Guest... Richard "C. for Charles" Hoagland discusses the Rosenthal article.

5/14/97 - Wednesday / Thursday

  • America.... Art wants to talk about the cynicism in America. Why do we automatically distrust the government. Art recounts some unusual tactics the government has used for experimentation. Other events such as the Kennedy assassination, Waco, Ruby Ridge, Watergate and Whitewater are all examples of our continuing mistrust of the government. Art wants to know how we are supposed to deal with information that changes from day to day. These thoughts are triggered by the recent NASA story which he reads tonight. The story is on the webpage. Art calls it an example of the AP publishing a story about certain people and never contacting those people for their comments. Are they simply lazy? They just write a story and if the facts start getting in the way, then be damned the facts.
  • CNN... CNN was present in the studio doing a report on Art during the first three hours of the show. Art did not tell anyone until they left.

5/13/97 - Tuesday / Wednesday

  • Replay Guest: Malachi Martin

5/12/97 - Monday / Tuesday

  • Dark Skies.... At midnight Art talks to Bryce Zabel about the future of the program Dark Skies. (See Below)
  • Dominican Republic.... Art reads from a newspaper from the Virgin Islands relating info on the disease reported last week that can kill within 24 hours. They are calling it a strain of meningitis. Art wants listeners from the Virgin Islands to call him tonight.
  • McVeigh.... An old army buddy of Timothy McVeigh testified that McVeigh planned to blow up the Federal building to avenge the deaths of 80 cult members at Waco and to spark an uprising against the government. Art says, he wanted to start a civil war.
  • Swimmer.... Suzi Marone has swam from Cuba to the U.S. The first to do so.
  • Miami.... Did anyone see the tornado, actually a water spout, that formed right next to Miami. Art was impressed with the footage shown.
  • NASA.... NASA has some new pictures of the universe provided from the newly upgraded Hubble telescope. Art says they are incredible. Captured was a rollicking star nursery in the Orion Nebula.
  • Iran.... A 7.1 quake reported in Iran. 2004 people dead and so many more injured. Art says they need help and we should give it. Art says the average Iranian person is no different than you and me.
  • Kasparov.... Kasparov was devastated after losing to Deep Blue. He said that he actually felt Deep Blue was showing intelligence. The computer will now be used to predict weather patterns.
  • Fax.... Art asks if anyone can confirm this report faxed to him tonight: Heard on a San Diego news show, a minister's wife shot an aggressive male intruder that had a criminal record and had just been released from a nearby hospital. The next morning San Diego's city council passed a law, outlawing handguns, so called Saturday Specials. Art wants to know more about this, what exactly is a Saturday Special.
  • Chupacabra.... Another faxer tells Art of a radio report he heard about a Rancher finding a Chupacabra. One of his cows had been drained of blood with four puncture wounds on it's neck. The rancher startled the animal and it rose on it's hind legs and hissed at him. The faxer heard this on a Las Vegas radio station and wants to know if this actually happened in Las Vegas. Art wants to know too.
  • Guest... Bryce Zabel, Executive Producer, Dark Skies, discussed the recent cancellation of the Dark Skies program and what fans can do to help get the program on another network. He provided an Open Letter to fans with information.

5/9/97 - Friday / Saturday

  • Guest: Willie Nelson (5 hours)... From a cell phone on the bus, Willie takes questions from fans.

5/8/97 - Thursday / Friday

  • Guest: Steven Greer, CSETI
  • Eboli.... Art is following a story that begins with a fax from Anchorage Alaska stating that Internet rumors are saying there is a sizeable eboli breakout in the Dominican Republic. The faxer wonders if Dr. Horowitz has any info to confirm this. Art received a fax from Dr. Horowitz saying "Eboli outbreak coverup?" Then Art read an AP report that said: "Dominican Health officials put three cities on an epidemic alert Saturday, warning of a highly contagious illness related to meningitis that can kill within 24 hours. 14 probable cases of the blood disease have been recorded in the last month and six patients have died. The rare disease can be spread by sneezing and coughing." Art says they are suggesting here that this bacteria is unknown and do not say it is eboli. Art says if you read between the lines of the AP story it sounds like eboli. Art asks that someone in the health community to contact him and tell him what form of meningitis kills within 24 hours. Art asks, "If there is eboli in the Dominican Republic, would we be told of it?"
  • Arkansas.... 3 firefighters were killed battling an explosion at a chemical plant in Arkansas. It was a big blast described as a mushroom cloud.
  • Surprise Guest: Dr. Len Horowitz, discussing the above eboli virus.

5/7/97 - Wednesday / Thursday

  • Army Sex.... The sex scandal continues in the Armed Forces. The U.S. Army charged it's top enlisted soldier with adultery and assault in a case involving four military women.
  • FCC.... The FCC says it is going to cut your long distance phone rate by 10 percent and eventually they claim they will get it down to a penny a minute for domestic long distance. This makes Art very happy, you should see his phone bill.
  • Fax.... A Denver police officer faxed Art and said if anyone knows that the world is going down the toilet it's the police. He believes the quickening is upon us. He has invited Art to come on a ride-along if he is ever in Denver. Art has been on ride-alongs before and says it is one of those things that are fun but scary.
  • Pets.... Art got a call from a lady yesterday claiming that most pet food consists of chopped up dogs and cats. Art rejected this notion as too horrible until someone sent him something from the Earth Island Journal. There are four pages documenting the fact that we are indeed doing that. Art says are we out of our mind? Are we really feeding our pets to our pets?

5/6/97 - Tuesday / Wednesday

  • Guest: Linda Howe (4 hours)
  • Army.... Army drill sergeant Delmar Simpson was sentenced to 25 years in Leavenworth for raping 6 female trainees.
  • Heaven's Gate.... A man whose wife was among the 39 Heaven's Gate suicides has killed himself. Another man was found unconscious in a apparent duplicate of the Heaven's gate suicides. He regained consciousness and is being treated. He was wearing a black jumpsuit and Nikes and said he was going to be with his leader on the other side of the Hale-Bopp comet. Art calls this a pure D head shaker.
  • DUI.... A North Carolina man who drove impaired after drinking and ingesting pain killers and killed two college students is going to prison for the rest of his life.
  • Texas.... Officials have given up the search for the Texas Separatists who got away.
  • Chess.... World champion, Kasperov, has called super computer, Deep Blue, an alien opponent. He said it was playing like a God. He was held to a draw in the third game.

5/5/97 - Monday / Tuesday

  • UFO.... Art received a fax asking if he heard on the local channel 3 news of the UFO sighted. It appeared to be a green inverted mushroom.
  • Apparitions.... Art received a fax about the vision of the Virgin Mary on the side of an office building in Clearwater. A photograph is now on the webpage.
  • Tobacco.... A jury in Jacksonville, Florida has handed a major courtroom victory to a leading cigarette maker. They found RJ Reynolds not to be liable in the lung cancer death of a life long smoker.
  • Texas.... Officials in Texas said police shot and killed one of the two fleeing members of the armed Separatist group Monday. These two had fled when the others surrendered.
  • Trial.... Tim McVeigh's sister is testifying against him.
  • TWA 800.... The FBI is saying the reason for TWA 800's demise was massive mechanical failure. Norm, the faxer, reminds us that Ed Dames was right on this time. Art reminds us that Ed was wrong in regards to the missing A-10.
  • Technology.... A fax from Steve suggests that tonight's topic during open lines be technology shock. In Steve's opinion we have reached a point where we just don't understand these new technology based concepts.

5/2/97 - Friday / Saturday

  • Guests: Richard Hoagland and Dr. Van Flandern

5/1/97 - Thursday / Friday

  • Guests: Don Savage, Public Affairs Officer, Office of Space Science, NASA Headquarters, and Ray Villard, from NASA's Space Telescope Science Institute.
  • Hoagland.... A reminder Richard Hoagland and Dr. Van Flandern will be on tomorrow night with comments on tonight's show.
  • Victor.... The fellow who provided the videotaped interview with an alien from Area 51 will be on the show soon.
  • Texas.... The separatists have broken two days of silence and have begun negotiations again.
  • California.... Police have arrested six men armed with enough explosives to blow up 3 city blocks. The explosive were believed to have been stolen from a Montana mining company. The police do not know what they intended to do with all that firepower.
  • Winipeg.... Winipeg being threatened by flooding when water burst through sand bag dikes on the Red River. Art would like to hear from a listener in Winipeg to let him know how it is going up there.
  • Major.... British Prime Minister John Major is out. Art says he was slaughtered.