Secrets of the Big Dogs

3/31/97 - Monday /Tuesday

  • WIBX.... Welcome to a new affiliate in Utica, New York, 950 on the dial. KTNN in Window Rock, AZ is also a new 50,000 watt affiliate. This is a Native American reservation. WDSK in Cleveland, Mississippi, 1410 on the dial also new.
  • Suicides.... Art continues to defend his position of having no involvement in the deaths of 39 Heavens Gate members. He recaps the original events concerning Chuck Schramek and Courtney Brown leading up to this tragedy. Art suggests having a discussion on the controversy and the chronology of the events on open lines to.
  • Weather.... The weather continues to be that of "quickening" proportions, 12 to 14 inches expected in Connecticut.
  • Ted Turner.... Over the weekend Ted Turner said something to the effect that these suicides was a kind of cleansing of the gene pool. Art says he disagrees, he thinks these people were serious, maybe seriously misled, but serious. Art says he could never commit suicide because he feels we are put here to live our life and if we cut it short we will end up repeating it til you have fulfilled your destiny. Art is pretty much a Libertarian, politically, and feels the government has no business telling you what you can or can't do with your life.

3/28/97 - Friday /Saturday

  • Guest: Sarah McClendon, Washington Reporter (1 hour)
  • Open Lines... Art accepts calls from anyone who wants to criticize him for the whole Comet Hale-Bopp/Courtney Brown connection to Heavan's Gate issue.

3/27/97 - Thursday /Friday

  • Suicides.... Art reminds us that he predicted the original news about the suicides would change drastically, and it has. Art is going to give us the real story to, the one the networks won't tell you. Art has been contacted by virtually every news source, like line and Larry King. Art claims to have the full version of the suicide note and reads it to us, or you can view it on the webpage. Michael Linnaman joins Art to discuss his knowledge of the Heavens Gate cult.
  • Guest: Michael Lindeman (1 hour)
  • Replay: Courtney Brown in the crossfire (2 hours)
  • Guests: Ted Loman & Whitley Striber (last 2 hours)

3/26/97 - Wednesday /Thursday

  • Suicide.... The mass suicide of 39 people at a mansion near San Diego was the top news story and the bulk of discussion to. Info has it that they were all members of a cult called W. W. Higher Source. Art is baffled with this one, must have something to do with the nature of life. Art invites anyone to call who can enlighten him with any info on this group.
  • Missiles.... A story about missiles being shot at Hale-Bopp was relayed to Art. Art doesn't understand how any missile could catch Hale-Bopp and why would you try.
  • Death Penalty.... The black leather face mask worn by a prisoner being executed by electrocution burst into flames during the process. The Attorney General for Florida warned criminals to stay away because they may have a problem with the electric chair. This made Art chuckle. Art has always maintained his feelings that a State has the right to administer the death penalty to murderers, but doesn't necessarily have to be with electricity. Art thinks lethal injection is sufficient.
  • Cats.... Art goes off on a thread about how his cats love their little cloth mouse toys. They just shred them.

3/25/97 - Tuesday /Wednesday

  • Guests: Lyn Buchanan
    w/ Paul Smith and Joseph McMoneagle

3/24/97 - Monday /Tuesday

3/21/97 - Friday /Saturday

3/20/97 - Thursday /Friday

  • Guest: Al Bielek, The Philadelphia Experiment, 3 Hours
  • Guest: Sean David Morton, UFO Researcher, Area 51 Image, 2 Hours

3/19/97 - Wednesday /Thursday

3/18/97 - Tuesday /Wednesday

  • PreGuest: The man who had the object come crashing through his roof (See yesterdays news). He is sending Art the object for analysis.
  • Guest: Renee Barnett, Strange Universe Producer
  • Rumor.... Art has a rumor that he can't actually substantiate, and that is that J-Core has bought Rush Limbaugh. If it is true remember you heard it here first.
  • Fr. Martin.... Father Martin cannot make his appearance Thursday due to an emergency.
  • Alaska.... The trip to Alaska is almost full, so decide now. The numbers to call are: East of the Rockies 1-800-633-2732, West 1-800-848-7120.

3/17/97 - Monday /Tuesday

  • KFRE.... Art has picked up KFRE in Fresno as a new affiliate, along with KDLM in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota.
  • NEWS.... Clinton has decided to withdraw the nomination of Anthony Lake to head the CIA after three days of intense Senate confirmation hearings. Art is not surprised at all about this.
  • Quake.... Art is trying to confirm whether a 3.4 quake took place in Arkansas.
  • Summit.... There is a summit meeting coming up in Helsinki, Finland next week.
  • Go Figure.... An angry Boris Yeltsin will meet with a wheel-chaired President Clinton about placing NATO bases in certain countries. Art says Yeltsin wants to be an equal partner in world affairs. But he says the problem with that is the only real power Russia has is in their nuclear arsenal. Their economy is non-existent, their military is deteriorating before their eyes and their Navy is sinking, so Art says why should they have equal voice in world order.
  • Justice Dept.... Art has an opinion that the Justice Department may be investigating the Clinton Administration. For the record, Art says he does not think Bill Clinton would not sell out America for campaign money to china.
  • Free Time.... There is a big brouhaha going on about free broadcast time, that broadcasters should donate time for state and local candidates. Do you go along with that and bear in mind that broadcasters run businesses?
  • Fax.... Scott agrees with Art and is sick of hearing about Clinton's knee, and really only wants to know how much Clinton had to pay to sleep in Greg Norman's house. This got a big chuckle out of Art.
  • Story.... The Tacoma News Tribune ran a story about a couple who had something crash through the roof of their apartment. There was a three inch diameter hole next to the hood of their stove and a metal ball on the floor with a one and a slash and a 2 on it. They would like to know what it is, and Art would like them to contact him to get us more information.
  • Tom.... Tom from Michigan says he can describe cloning as the splitting of the Adam. Another big chuckle from Art.
  • Gas.... There is a panel in California who want to tax you 2 cents for every mile you drive as evidenced by your odometer. Art says they have lost their minds if they think they are going to get away with this. People will rebel. They can kiss his carburetor.
  • Cats.... Don in Wilmington, N.C. writes to inform us he enjoys cats too and just finished giving his two cats a bath. The problem with that is the hair kept sticking to his tongue. Art told him to send a photo of the hair ball he will eventually throw up.

3/14/97 - Friday /Saturday

  • Guests: Rod & Randa Milliron, private rocket builders, discussing private missions to space and rocket development.
  • Clinton.... Art is disgusted by the amount of reporting of Clinton's injured knee. He says it's disproportionate to his interest in it.
  • Albania.... The U.S. is trying to get Americans out of Albania and we are being shot at. Art says Albania is the perfect example of what anarchy would bring.
  • Arizona.... Across parts of Arizona there were UFOs sighted. The military says it was flares.
  • Mir.... A fax sent to Art from a listener tells of his being able to hear transmissions from Mir, the last one sounding very disturbing. This supports Art's report that their situation is dire and the mainstream media is not reporting on it.
  • FAX.... Another fax asks Art the question, how would people react if someone died in space. What if we saw dead bodies floating around in a space station. Art says even though we all know space is dangerous, we live in a media centric society that would continue to foist deadly images on us, to the point that public attitudes about space travel would be affected. Sort of like the Rodney King beating we saw ten thousand times.

3/13/97 - Thursday /Friday

  • Guest: Sean David Morton, UFO Researcher and Prophet, Entire 5 Hours

3/12/97 - Wednesday /Thursday

  • Friday.... Friday Art will interview Randa and Rod who have been privately launching rockets in the Mojave desert.
  • Cloning.... Art has a couple questions concerning the cloning techniques and the bans being placed on them. One, what actually will be banned and two, do you believe anyone will abide by those bans. Art just refuses to believe that our Pentagon would abide by those laws, but will expect the private sector to.
  • Reno.... Janet Reno has thought it over on whether there should be a special counsel to investigate the alleged campaign finance abuse on both sides. She has decided it isn't necessary.
  • Bombings.... The Atlanta bombings continue to be a mystery to the FBI and they are seeking assistance from anybody who can help. They feel it will happen again.
  • House.... The House should vote Thursday to decide whether to overturn Clinton's finding that Mexico is cooperating fully with the U.S. in the drug war. It is Art's contention the both Mexico and the U.S. be decertified. Art says we don't have a drug war here, but a drug skirmish.
  • Ohio.... Ohio continues to be threatened by water that is simply overwhelming. Art hopes to talk to some listeners in that area to.
  • Frogs.... Art has received many faxes about frogs again. One fax relates a sound bite about frogs found that were red, white and orange separately. There was a CNN report today about frogs in England beginning to turn albino. They speculate it is an ozone problem. Art reminds us that Major Ed Dames said England would show problems first and frogs would be an indicator.
  • Russians.... The Russians on Mir have a problem with their oxygen systems. Three of the four are down and they had a fire. The fire destroyed the carbon dioxide scrubber and the Russians cannot get any supplies up to them for about a month. They are asking NASA if the shuttle can come and get them. Art says you won't hear about this in the mainstream press. The American on board saved the two who were in the fire. The carbon monoxide levels are climbing every day. The situation is very bad. Art wonders why the mainstream news is not informing us of this.
  • Cats.... Several people have sent Art an article from the Fairfield Iowan newspaper. Art is so damn mad about this he almost didn't put this on the air. "Brutal cat killings at Noah's Ark stun local state animal protection groups. Bludgeoning of 20 cats, as an act of violence, during a burglary. Some one broke into Noah's Ark to burglarize it and as an afterthought they cut up 20 cats." Art just doesn't know how to handle information like this. If Art witnessed something like this and happened to have a gun on him, he would kill the perpetrators, jail or not.
  • Growth.... A whole bunch of 50,000 watt stations are picking up Art's show.
  • Morton.... A friend of Art's, Sean David Morton, is a prophet and a researcher and will be on the air with Art tomorrow .

3/11/97 - Tuesday /Wednesday

  • Guest: Dr. Fred Bell, 2 hours on time travel.
  • Officers.... 5 female soldiers from the U.S. Army's Aberdeen proving ground, are now saying they were coerced by investigators in seeking statements that they had been raped by high ranking officers. The women now say it was consensual sex. Art says this is a very interesting reversal here.
  • Sunbathing.... A proposal to ban nude sunbathing on some Florida beaches was nipped in the bud by lawmakers who only have turned it down because they say it would hurt the state's tourism industry. Especially the European market, who are more accustomed to nude sunbathing than their U.S. counterparts. Art says "no kidding". Art was in Europe last year and he says the fashions there was see-through dresses.
  • FBI.... The FBI has seized a FAA radar tape that allegedly showed an object speeding toward TWA Flight 800 seconds before the plane exploded. This is an AP story. The FBI says this is baloney, nothing more than the same Internet stuff.
  • Trucker's Network... Art takes calls from Truckers ONLY, during the 4th hour to prove that he IS the Trucker's Network.

3/10/97 - Monday /Tuesday

  • Guest: James Berkland, 4 hours discussing earthquake predictions.
  • Picture.... A lady in Kansas has a small plaster bust of the Virgin Mary that is reportedly crying tears of blood since December. Thousands of people have been to see it. The photograph is on the web page. Art wonders if we are being told something, there is a message here.
  • Fax.... A listener asks Art if he has ever had his aura photographed. On the web page is a picture of this listeners aura.
  • Letter.... Photos of what may be the aurora spacecraft/aircraft that may be causing all the sonic booms in San Diego in recent months have been sent to Art. They are also on the web page. Art says these are very clear and incredible pictures.
  • Newsletter.... To subscribe to the newsletter or get a tape of a previous program call 1-800-917-4278.

3/7/97 - Friday /Saturday

  • Guest: Alan Hale, discussing what else.... Comet Hale-Bopp.

3/6/97 - Thursday /Friday

  • Kathy Kramer... Ed Dames reveals all the information he can on the air to Kathy regarding the disappearance of her brother, Phillip Taylor. He states it was murder, and states that Kathy should start by contacting the Ventura County California police. Taylor admitted people he knew into his van, one of them shot him and then drove the van to Montana. The killers then buried him near a river. The river has since risen and fallen a few times over the grave. Ed says that Taylor got in trouble, not related to his work. Ed will discuss other issues that are more personal, with Kathy off the air and will be contacting the police.
  • Ed Dames... Ed continues to discuss the upcoming demise of the earth. Questions are thrown to Ed regarding the Amazing Randi offer, his video tapes, his moving out of LA and other faxes. Calls are taken.
  • Last Hour... One last hour of open lines, where Art also plays the complete "Highway Men" song.

3/5/97 - Wednesday /Thursday

  • Joyce Riley.... Surprise last minute guest, Capt. Riley presents compelling evidence and testimonies from Gulf War Vets regarding untruthful statements by General Norman Schwarzkopf.
  • Alan Hale... Art explains to a caller that he will discuss with Mr. Hale all the previous issues between them and others, get that behind them and move onto the real issue, the comet.
  • Open Lines... Then two hours of open lines.

3/4/97 - Tuesday /Wednesday

  • Ohio.... The Ohio river is on the rampage, many evacuations. 50 people dead. The President was on TV talking about the weird weather, he seemed very puzzled about the number of weather tragedies occurring. Art thinks the officials are finally going to agree with him that the weather is changing.
  • Senate.... The Senate rejected a proposed balance budget amendment to the constitution. Art says he hasn't done much on this subject because he knew exactly how that vote was going to go. He calls the Republican controlled Senate, the insufficiently Republican controlled Senate.
  • Marijuana.... Pre teen marijuana use has doubled.
  • Hate.... Violence extremist groups have grown in number since the Oklahoma City bombing two years ago. At least 850 groups were active in the past year, representing a 6% rise. Art says the level of frustration out there is obviously growing.
  • Reminder.... Thursday /Friday Major Ed Dames and Kathleen Kramer will be on the air.
  • Hale-Bopp.... Art reminds us to lose a little sleep and go out to see Hale-Bopp. [Webmaster Note: I viewed Hale-Bopp at 5AM MST in the northeast sky, about 30-40 degrees up. Looks cool! - Keith]
  • Fax.... Joe writes to say he advocates the cloning of our species but feels it needs to be out of the hands of the government and into the hands of the entrepreneurs. Art says the President put a ban on any federal monies being used to clone any humans and asked private industry not to do it. Art says, too late, its been done.
  • Hawaii.... There is going to be a new Hawaiian Island, Loihi. Scientists have been investigating this new island being formed by volcanic activity. They have found four-legged fish and have photos. There will be a program presented by the school of Ocean and Science technology Thursday.
  • Mel's Hole.... Another listener writes in about his own bottomless hole in Wilmington, North Carolina. He says he keeps finding things around the outside of his hole, like refrigerators, TVs and miles and miles of fishing line. This gives Art quite a chuckle.
  • Las Vegas Sun.... There was an article in the Las Vegas Sun Tuesday afternoon, Art wants to know if anybody in Las Vegas read it.
  • Fax... A fax tells Art that a local newspaper had a story about a lady who saw a van-sized triangular, glowing thing hovering in the sky. She supposedly got one minute's worth of video. He will send Art the video.
  • Art.... Art says a lot of people sometimes get on his case because he specializes in the weird, etc. But he hereby accuses the mainstream media of not doing their homework, or not being consistent. He tells us of a network report that says breast self exams may not save lives. Art says he could go through a mile long list of things the mainstream media tells us is good for us and then turns around and says the opposite. Has anybody else noticed this.

3/3/97 - Monday /Tuesday

  • WNIS.... Norfolk, Virginia joins the affiliates list along with WSAU in Wausau, Wisconsin. In honor of these two new affiliates Art asks regulars to give the new listeners a chance to get through.
  • AL Gore.... Al Gore says he is innocent in the phone call controversy. Art says "Big Deal".
  • Weather.... The weather is horrible and getting worse. Arkansas is a virtual disaster area, like Arkadelphia just disappeared. Art says it was biblically destructive.
  • Blackbeard.... Officials in North Carolina think they have found the remains of Queen Anne's Revenge, Blackbeard's ship. Divers have recovered artifacts including a brass bell inscribed with the year 1709, a cannon ball and a blunder bus.
  • 1st Amendment.... There was a story on 60 minutes Sunday about a publisher which published a book called "Hit Man", along with some on building car bombs. Of course there is a case where a man used this book to commit terrible crimes. So 60 Minutes did it's thing by interviewing the publisher and asking how they felt. They felt no responsibility and a judge agreed.
  • Monkey Cloning.... Scientists in Oregon have succeeded in cloning monkeys. Art is fascinated with this topic. Art is adamant that cloning will continue rapidly.
  • Fax.... Charles writes that we should decertify the U.S. instead of certifying Mexico. At least Mexico arrested it's drug czar and we have never arrested a high profile person.
  • Letter.... Art received a letter from a prisoner that he found interesting. This prisoner wrote expressing a desire to be declared a prisoner of war. He says that he is a prisoner of the war on crime.
  • Pictures.... There is a still photograph of the Chupacabra on the web page, thanks to Derek in San Antonio, who provided Art with some video tape. Art says there will be those who will say it is just a lizard. It doesn't look like any lizard Art has ever seen.