Satellite Outage 2

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Get Ready To Rebound

On the March 12th, 2001 program, during a heated debate between Art's guests Jim Oberg and David Sereda, we had another satellite feed outage. Only the second in all of Art's history of broadcasting. Here is a 13 minute audio clip of the segment of the program. There is a portion of this clip where the network is playing a taped interview with Michio Kaku, to fill the dead air. The quality of the taped playback was also having problems. Portions were edited to reduce this clip playing time.

AUDIO Satellite Outage audio from March 12th, 2001.

The previous outage, was EXACTLY two years earlier as reported by this article:

CNN: Satellite service being restored after outage disrupts TV, radio service

In addition, a wireless Internet service provider, that operates in the Pahrump valley, experienced an outage near the same time frame as the radio outage. Paul reports:

This first graph is of Art's internet radio, Note the flat line at around 2am This radio is linked via microwave to our radio "Hub" location and has a very strong signal.

This graph is of another subscriber hub we have located WAY above town around the 200' level on a tower. This one is more susceptable to signals as it's used to receive end users from all over the valley. If you notice the graph around the same time, it flat lined alot earlier and remained after Art's did.