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Karen Camus ( writes:

Every time that couple from GIS are on the show playing those EVP audio files, Art always asks the same question -- whether or not it is possible to capture EVP on a digital recorder. This audio was recorded at a location in the LA area that used to be a mortuary. I use a high quality Sony digital recorder with replaceable memory sticks. I think that this is a particularly good audio file for two reasons. Not only does it show that really clear EVP can be recorded on a digital recorder, but it also proves that EVP can be heard "live" as it occurs, contrary to what a lot of people believe. Because when you listen to the file, you can tell that Rob (one of our investigative team members) hears the faint childlike murmurs that precede a child spirit calling out "father" loud and clear.

Classified alien contact project revealed by Art Bell guest.

The audio file is set up in the following manner. First you hear the EVP "father" with a few seconds of audio before and after it for context. Then the EVP "father" is repeated three times. That gives the listener more opportunity to hear and appreciate it.

We also have a lot of other really good examples of digitally recorded EVP, but I think this one will suffice in clarifying the digital EVP issue.

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