Ghost Gallery

Secrets of the Big Dogs

Jerome Lilly says: Here is a picture of something in the well at Coral Castle, FL

Deb Kozik writes:

This was in Arlington National Cemetary. The tomb of 1,111 Unknown soldiers. Two photos were taken in succession, One photo turned out like this, the other one is fine.

Allen Brown sends us:

I will say first off, that I have been experiencing "ghost" phenomenon for at least the past 8 or 9 years. My father died when I was nine years old, and I have felt a strong presence around me since i was an early teen. I hesitate to call it a ghost, and I hesitate even further to say that it is my father, but I will say that's the feeling I get. I even heard a voice once, while at my mother's house. I was outside in a deep fog, smoking a cigarette. And I heard a voice come out of nowhere. It sounded to me like it was saying: "We're dead".

Anyway, to the picture now... it was very soon after I heard that voice that a friend of mine was at my house with his camera. His wife took this picture of me in the kitchen of my mom's house. The picture is out of focus, but I wonder if that could be why the "ghost" showed up. What do you see? Those aren't my hands!

Todd Bingham, Fort Worth, TX writes:

I took a picture of my friend playing his new guitar on a poloroid. We let it develop and we were totally freaked out. That weird looking figure is there like looking at my friend. He said that he felt a weird rush of cold air or something but neither of us thought anything of it until we saw this picture. writes:

Taken in October 1992 in Philadelphia, PA. Out of the window in a room only I was in not another person. I do not smoke. I still have the negative.. I didn't even know it was there till living in Las Vegas a few months later, a friend pointed it out.

Todd Shoemake writes:

This was taken just a few months ago in the little girls playroom. I noticed the image in the mirror the first time I looked at the photo. We really don't know much about the house in which it was taken, they have moved out recently because of other weird happenings. When this friend of mine came home from the hospital from having her youngest child the LED display on the microwave oven spelled out BABY, the Y actually being a Y not a number. They also found her mothers picture out of the frame and turned up side down on top of the microwave.

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