Art Bell's Photo Album

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[IMAGE] One of Art's favorite singers, Crystal Gayle with her very long hair!


[IMAGE] Art visits with Crystal Gayle after concert in Las Vegas on November 23rd, 1996.


[IMAGE] Here is Crystal at age 18!


[IMAGE] A couple photos from the Feb 97 trip to Mexico. Top: Sue Crane, Art and Ramona. Bottom: An evening sunset in Mazatlan.


[IMAGE] Desert sunset outside Art's home in Pahrump Nevada. Photo by Art Bell.


[IMAGE] Photo of Jane Bell (Art's Mom) during her military career.


[IMAGE] Art made a cameo appearance on Dark Skies, which airs December 14th. Here is his ID badge he used.


[IMAGE] A couple pictures of Art with fellow actors on the set Dark Skies, which aired December 14th 1996.


[IMAGE]Video captured images of the board room scene and closeup from Art's December 14th 1996 appearance on Dark Skies.


[IMAGE] The MCI girl that Art Adores! Photo courtesy of Christopher McDunn.


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