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"Finalscore" caught what he calls a "ghost hand" while taking a photo of a book he purchased at an estate sale. Click here to view the enlargements and his story.

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Alien or Demon?

Tonight's guest, author Hugh Ross has examined the question of alien phenomena from a traditional Christian perspective. He has suggested that those who witness UFOs or undergo "alien abduction," may have opened themselves up to these experiences through occult associations.

In an article posted on Ross' website, titled Alien Encounters Fail the Test, Kenneth R. Samples writes that "demons" could be behind contact encounters...cont.


Brain researcher and musician Neil Slade ( returned to C2C as the main guest on Monday night. Sharing such mental techniques as clicking the amygdala, and "mind movie rewrite," (a method to clear out past traumas), Slade said that the use of one's imagination can propel a person into more creative or pleasurable realms of thought...cont.

Bigfoot Evidence

"From the evidence that I've examined, there is a North American primate," said Jimmy Chilcutt, the first hour guest on Monday's show. A fingerprint expert for the Conroe Police Department, he has specialized in differentiating and identifying various types of primate foot and handprints...cont.


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Tue 10.07 >>
Hugh Ross ( scouts the frontiers of origins research to share with scientists and nonscientists alike the thrilling news of what's being discovered and how it connects with traditional beliefs.
Wed 10.08 >>
Debbie Ford
Thu 10.09 >>
Phillip H. Krapf
-Alien Contact-
Fri 10.10 >>
First Hour:
Ryan Reynolds
-Parrot Intelligence-
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