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Gene M. photographed this unusual sky ring, while attending a barbecue in Nashville this past June. Click here to view the enlargement and his story.

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The Guardian Angel

Pictured above is tonight's guest Richard Jackson. The orb over his shoulder he says is his "upgraded" guardian angel, "Mikael," who first appeared to him in the image of a tiger when he was a young child. Jackson says Mikael watches over him and has saved his life on a number of occasions.

Weekend Recap

Sunday's guest, John Lear, a Lockheed L-1011 Captain, known for his revelations about aerial phenomena and UFOs, caught up with Art for the full 4-hour broadcast.

Saturday's guest, author Whitley Strieber (unknowncountry) shared his latest conclusions about his Visitor experiences as well as offered commentary on the recent solar storms.

Ghost-to-Ghost Recap

Conducting a five-hour broadcast of caller's ghost stories on Halloween night, host Art Bell said the one thing he was convinced of is "there's got to be something more [after we die]...cont.

Ghost Slideshow

In tandem with the Ghost-to-Ghost broadcast, we present a slideshow featuring pictures from C2C's Image Gallery.


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Mon 11.03 >>
First Hour: Prof. Ramon Lopez the co-author of Storms from the Sun, will give an update on the recent solar flare activity.

Paranormal investigator, Richard Jackson
(, believes in the reality of the Spirit World, and helps people with hauntings as well as demonic possession.
Tue 11.04 >>
Hank Wesselman
-Spirit Traveling-
Wed 11.05 >>
William Henry
-Investigative Mythology-
Thu 11.06 >>
David Icke
-Big Brother Dictatorship-
Fri 11.07 >>
Open Lines

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