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We are happy to announce the return of Classic Shows. Now rotating on a weekly basis, Streamlinkers can listen to two different shows that have fallen out of the 90-day archive. Visit the Classic Shows page to check out this week's offerings.

And don't forget to join in on the next Live Chat with George, Tuesday, December 2nd at 8pm PST. Visit the Chat Page to make sure your browser is properly enabled and to read previous transcripts.

Timothy D.-S. shares some enigmatic details about a "Reptilian Visitor" that was apparently involved in alien abductions. Click here to view the enlargements and his comments.

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Weekend Recap

On Saturday night an encore presentation of Art's interview with author Craig Winn (website) from 9/4/03 was aired. Medium James Van Praagh will be rescheduled.

Friday Recap

The first half of Friday's program featured geologist and earthquake predictor Jim Berkland ( who said we are just about to enter a "seismic window," i.e. a period of greater likelihood for quake activity...cont.

The Death Clock

In a morbid mood or just curious? The Internet's purports to calculate the day of your death.

Korean UFO

Jeff in Pusan, Korea sends us a link to his weblog showing a picture of a UFO that was photgraphed on the night of November 17th along with his translation of the news story.

Streamlink News

We are happy to announce the return of a Streamlink feature, Classic Shows. Now on a weekly basis you can listen to two different shows that have fallen out of the 90-day archive.
You can check this week's offerings which include an Art show from Sept. 2002, and a George show from Jan. 2003 on the Classic Shows page.


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Sun 11.23 >>
Matthew Alper ( will discuss studies which show that believing in God as well as being an active member of a church or religious community can be beneficial to one's health.
Mon 11.24 >>
First Hour:
James McCanney
-Solar Flares-
jmccanneyscience Dr. Greg Little
-Cayce & Atlantis-
Tue 11.25 >>
Laurence Gardner -Sacred Ark Secrets-
Wed 11.26 >>
Wayne Green
-Health & New Technologies-
Thu 11.27 >>
Steve Quayle
-Mysterious Deaths of Microbiologists-

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